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Our visit to Nogeyama zoo 2019

We counted down the days…..

Would the forecast for a chance of rain hold off for our class to have their turn to visit  Nogeyama zoo?

Yes! In the end we made the decision to get on the school bus and we are happy we did, since it only sprinkled occasionally off and on. We climbed the hill to the zoo entrance with an older child’s hand guiding the younger.

A lone red panda sat high up in the branches as we walked by.

 Our first stop was to eat our snacks and then visit the petting zoo to see and touch guinea pigs, mice & hens.

One of the zoo handlers gave us a short talk on how to hold and respect these little animals.

After we enjoyed this hands on experience we started travelling around the zoo looking at and learning about the animals we could see.

We watched the Japanese brown bear sitting quietly eating his grass.

Walked around a corner and saw these beautiful flamingo’s.

This giraffe was so friendly and happy to see us until he realised we had no food for him! What a long tongue he has!

This tiger quietly sat as we walked by….

And the Chinese alligator was enjoying a rest in the warmth of the reptile building.

This iguana was so big and just loved munching his fresh salad. This got us hungry so we stopped to enjoy our lunch together.

Just before it was time to board the bus we stopped by the polar bear display. While there have not been polar bears at this zoo for a long time, it was interesting to see where they lived, how big they were and how deep their swimming pool was to enjoy.

Nogeyama zoo was definitely a fun day out for all of us.


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