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Mikan picking to Seaside Farm

The day had finally arrived to go mikan picking – Japanese for mandarin.

It was a cloudy day with rain periods, but we managed to fill our bags with sweet tasting mikan just in time.

 We also enjoyed eating what we harvested from the low branches!

We had two lovely parent chaperones who joined us on our mikan adventure!

Just when we had almost filled our mikan bags to the top it started to rain a little. So we just used the low branches of the trees as our umbrellas!

But when the rain stopped and started, it started to get heavier. So we walked back in pairs to take shelter at the office area.

We remembered to twist the fruit instead of pulling at the branches. The farmer also reminded us that the green mikan were not ready for eating. So we looked out for bright orange ones.

 Look how many I have!

But really…it didn’t matter about the rain. There were smiles all around just being outside with our friends.

It’s so big!

And after our morning of mikan picking we enjoyed an early lunch under some shelter.

We set out to pick mikan and had a great day together!

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