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International Week- January 23rd – 27th, 2017

What an amazing International Week the children experienced each day. In total we had ten diverse and interesting presentations from class mothers. Thank you for sharing an experience of your culture with the children. It really does enrich each child’s understanding of their world and in doing so develops international citizens within our school community.

A big thank you to Mrs. Phattamarapattamawong and Mrs. Fukui for coordinating the timetable so that these experiences could be possible.


The first country the children experienced was Thailand.  Trin’s mum shared common greetings with the children that are different for male and females. Basic manners where also explained when interacting with other people, such as never facing the bottom of your feet towards another person. We also enjoyed a handmade coconut jelly dessert that was made of three layers. Delicious! 



Vienna’s mum shared stories from famous British children’s author, Julia Donaldson. She selected two titles to read – “The Gruffalo” & “Zog.” The children were glued to her every world and then enjoyed colouring a scene from each story.


The children learnt about the tasty subject of popcorn from Jennifer’s mum. She shared that popcorn was originally discovered in Mexico and later spread across the United States as a popular snack to munch on at the movies and sports events. Did you know that there are two different types of popcorn? Mushroom and butterfly. Mushroom shaped popcorn is more of a round ball and is good for caramelised or flavoured popcorn. Whereas,  butterfly popcorn  typically fluffs out to create a butterfly shape, perfect for munching on. Each child received a small bag of their own popcorn to enjoy.


Do you realise how much the symbol of an arrow is used in our environments throughout Japan? Toshi’s mum opened our eyes to just how much arrows are used to direct and guide us throughout our day. They are a useful and effect symbol that show us where to walk, where to place money in a vending machine slot or even when using a pay telephone. The children were given their own paper magnified glass and encouraged to look for arrows not only within the classroom, but around Yokohama. 


Alishaa’s & Siyona’s mothers not only took us on a visual journey of what we may see if we visited India, but also shared  one of India’s many traditional stories. Afterwards we were entertained by three talented dancers and then invited to give their dance moves a try. Mandela’s were also shared with the children to colour which is part of the Diwali celebrations. 





The children were treated to a tasty but traditional Korean cake from Seunghyuk’s mum. Many people pay their respects to their ancestors on January 1st in Korea and enjoy a cake made of rice flour. Each of the children were given their own individually wrapped piece of cake to enjoy at snack time. We also enjoyed looking at the traditional costume that a boy would wear for the occasion. Intricate embroidery is displayed on the front of the coat which is very beautiful.


Travelling to France the children learnt about the impressive, ‘Eiffel Tower‘ which stands proudly in the capital city of Paris. Both Margot’s and Julien’s mum shared the story about France with the children to gain a better understanding of this famous structure. As a fun and creative extension the children used coloured pencils and glitter glue to decorate their very own tower.


Learning about the history of King’s and Queen’s is always so mystical to young children. Ela’s mum shared the flag of the United Kingdom and how the joining countries such as Scotland and England are unified under the one flag symbolised with the Union Jack. The children also had the chance to colour in the Kings and Queens of English history. 


What good timing to learn about the Chinese New Year and how important it is to the people of China. Ryan’s mum explained the zodiac and how this year falls on the “Year of the Rooster”. The children also learnt how the colour red symbolises good luck and happiness for your family and friends.


Our last presentation took us to the beautiful country of France were Heloise’s mum showed the children  a map of  where different types of cheeses are produced.

We really enjoyed taste testing a variety of cheeses and also some delicious crepes with a sprinkle of sugar to finish off. Délicieux

Thank you to all who contributed, prepared and presented such interesting experiences for the children. It is what makes our International Week in Montessori all the more special when we can invite our parents into our classrooms.