Tuesday, April 14, Ms. Hoshi’s Story Time

Good morning, everyone!

I’m happy to see that you’ve come to listen to the story, and do a craft.  Today I will be reading The Invisible Boy.  The author, Trudy Ludwig likes to write stories that help children learn to get along with each other, even though they might have some differences.  In this story, she shows “how small acts of kindness can help children feel included and allow them to flourish.”

Click here to watch: The Invisible Boy

Maybe you could talk about the following ideas with whomever read this story with you…

Did you notice something interesting about Brian’s clothes?

When the children were choosing teams, Brian was left out of the game.

When the children were eating lunch together, all the children were happily talking about the fun they had at Madison’s birthday party; Brian’s clothes were black and white…

Do you remember what the book said?  Everybody had fun, except for Brian because he wasn’t invited. Do you think that the children could have talked about something different that wouldn’t have made Brian feel left out, or sad?  Can you say, “let’s talk about something else now”, if you realize that someone feels left-out?

Have you ever felt left out of a group?  If so, how did that make you feel?  Were you able to tell them that it made you feel sad?

Do you think that you would be able to invite someone to join you, if they look sad or lonely?

How about when J.T. and the other children were making fun of the food that Justin brought to school?  Justin was sad, but Brian made him feel happy again by doing what?  If you don’t remember, you can listen to the story again and you’ll find the answer.  I know that we have friends in our classrooms that eat Bulgogi, right?  I LOVE Bulgogi, it’s yummy, healthy, Korean food!

Did you notice any changes in Brian’s clothes?  How were they changing?  Why were his clothes changing colors? Who made Brian feel less invisible?  What did Justin do to make him feel less invisible?

I thought this was a nice story about a quiet boy, who found two new friends, and then he felt happier.  Nobody wants to be lonely, right?  Let’s try to be kind to everyone.  Maybe you’ll make someone happy that they know a kind person like you!  It’s wonderful to see children being kind, and reaching out to help another child during school.  We are lucky to have lots of kind, helpful children in our classes :).

Here is an interesting colorful Suncatcher Craft from Babble Dabble Do that looks fun to make.  I have a feeling that you might like to make more than one, and include your brothers and sisters as well, possibly!

You will need these materials:

White liquid glue, lots of it!

Food coloring, or liquid watercolors


Plastic lids (lids from tubs of yogurt, sour cream)

Hole puncher


Would you like to post a photo of your suncatcher in the comment section of the blog?

Thank you for coming to the Montessori Blog this morning for a story, and a craft.

I hope that you enjoyed it!

Ms. Hoshi

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