Monday, April 13th ~ Ms. Mimi’s storytime

Hello boys and girls,

Happy Easter to you and your families!

Easter is the most important celebration in the Christian church. Easter is a new beginning, and a  time of hope.  Easter comes during the spring season, when new life begins.  So today, I am going to read a story about baby animals.


Please click the title to listen to the story.   Baby Animals

Questions about baby animals.
What is the name of a baby dog, a cat, a pig?
Which animals are born from eggs, chickens or dogs?
Which baby is bigger, an elephant’s baby or a panda’s baby?
Which animal would you like to hold in your arms?  And why?
If you could have any baby pet, which baby would you like to take care of?
Song:  Let’s learn this song so we know the names of the animals and their babies.
Activity:   Baby Animals and Their Parents
Can you  look at the following pages and see if you can match the baby animals to their mommies or daddies?

Video:      The baby animals and their Mothers.    Click here to watch the video.

Easter is celebrated all over the world:

This video gives you some facts about Easter, how Easter is celebrated in different parts of the world, what candies are popular, the history of Easter baskets, and more.

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