November 4

Saint Mary’s

By Sean T.


Saint Mary’s

It’s a soccer match against Saint Mary’s. I’m nervous.

But not too nervous. My hands aren’t shaking. I don’t have

a sore stomach. My heart isn’t pumping tremendously. But

I know some people are nervous. The referee

blows the whistle. The match begins.

There’s the kick-off.


My position is a midfielder. I’m a right midfielder. We’re

all doing what we’re supposed to do. The stickers get

a long or short pass from the midfielders and

and tries to take a shot and score a goal. The defenders are

trying to defend the goal by not letting any opponent getting

past them so they can score a goal.


The goalkeeper has to also defend the goal but with his

hands. The midfielders (which is what I am) is basically a

striker and defender. Midfielders have to run all around the court.

They have to attack and defend. We’re losing brutally

losing by more than ten points.


Eventually, we lost count. So did the coach. I bet we’re

all thinking the same thing which is that we are definitely not

going to win this match. Then I see the ball. I get the ball.

I dribble with the ball. I pass to one of the stickers. He does his skills

to get past the defenders. He passes it to the other striker.

He takes the shot. He scores. It’s the first goal of the season.



Some people start to celebrate. But I don’t with some

of my other teammates. Because even though we scored, we lost.

I’m disappointed that we lost but we still scored our first goal

of the season.


I am definitely sure that the opponent thinks we’re weird

because even though we lost, some of us are celebrating.

But as I say again, we still did score our first goal of the season.

It was a step forward. We all know we can’t play like

this in our next match. We all have to improve our game.

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