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A year of learning & celebration!

It has certainly been a year of much learning and growth for all of the children in our class. Skills that were initially a challenge for some, have now been achieved through much perseverance and repeated practice.

Yay! We completed our Japan & North America maps!

We showed Ms Catherine how we can make a beehive and bees from connectors!- Making connections with our bee theme with our play times

Sharing a love of puzzle work together

Demonstrating early organisational skills and an interest for patterns

Working on associating the number symbol with the quantity & the Golden Beads Presentation tray- introducing place value and the decimal system.


On the 2nd last day of school it was a warm day. The Elementary Student Council gave us some funds to use for our class. All three classes decided to purchase an end of year treat for our students and a pack of UNO cards for each class. So after our lunch recess time we all cooled down with an ice popsicle.


Let’s celebrate how much these amazing young children have learnt not only during their classroom activities, but socially with one another. It’s an on-going journey that Mrs Almoula and I enjoy taking each year!


Congratulations to our older 6 year olds as they move  up to first grade. They have all shown much growth, kindness and support for one another and for their younger classmates. We want to wish them all the very best as they are welcomed into the Elementary school. To our classmates who will be leaving us, please keep in touch. You are forever part of our Saint Maur Family…..and we will miss you!

Best wishes,

Ms.Catherine & Mrs Almoula

Have a wonderful summer holiday!

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