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Fun day = community

On October 14th the students from Montessori up to grade 5 all joined together to celebrate, interact and enjoy some community spirit with our first “fun day” for the year. The theme focused on language arts activities which had the children making their own classroom door design based on a favourite storybook. We chose, “Koala Lou,” by Mem Fox since we are presently learning about Australian animals.


Part of the experience had half of our class take turns walkings along the elementary school hallway and within our building to see other door designs. When different grades  came around we had two very happy, helpers explain what our storybook was all about.


We all then had the chance to make our very own “fun day” bookmarks.


Then lastly we had an elementary teacher come in for storytelling time. She read, ‘The three bears,” which really had everyone glued to the page and interested!


Overall it was yet another very successful “Fun day.” Many thanks to our parent helpers, who assisted with the various activities and joined in on the community spirit.

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