Friday, May 22nd ~ Ms. Sallie’s Storytime

Hello everybody,


Do you have nights when you cannot sleep?  What do you do? Do you imagine things or do you count something?  Many people count sheep.  Come and listen to a story called Counting Sheep by Dr. Julie Glass, illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka.  Are you ready, don’t fall asleep!!

Counting Sheep by Julie Glass | Scholastic              Counting Sheep – Click here to view.


Most people count sheep when they cannot sleep (one sheep, two sheep, three sheep, and so on…)

* What did this man count and how many?

* What else do you want to count?

* Can you practice counting things by twos? (2, 4, 6, 8, 10)

* When you count normally by ones, how far can you count to?

Next time you can’t sleep, try counting sheep or something else and tell us in your comments whether it worked or not!


Here are some nice “Counting Sheep” videos you can watch.

Here’s a lot of ewes.  Ewes are girl sheep!


Here is a song about counting sheep… Can you help count?


In the recording, we talked about rhyming words…..After a good night’s sleep, you can exercise to this fun song called Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze!


And lastly, here is an activity that you can do and make:


If you don’t have cotton balls, you can crumple up some tissue paper to make fluffy balls.  Enjoy!!


Have a happy day today!

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