Monday, May 18th ~ Ms. Hoshi’s Storytime

Hello, Everyone!


Good morning!  Let’s get you moving!   Here is a fun book filled with actions, and rhyming words!

Click here to listen, watch, and move to “Clap Your Hands”, by Lorinda Bryan Cauley.

Were you able to find some space to stand and do some of the actions?  Was there anyone who could do ALL of the actions?!  While I was reading it aloud, I was picturing in my mind all of you standing in front of me, moving :).  You can organize a Simon Says game with your family!  You could use some of the movements from the story.

Here is Jack Hartman’s song that is like… Simon Says, let’s play!

How did you do?  Do you have brothers or sisters that can play with you?

I’m curious, did you notice that there were no grown-ups in this book?!  And you must have noticed that there were animals interacting with the children AND… the animals were wearing clothes!   I guess we know that this is NOT a true story so it is called fiction, which means; “not a true story”. 

This story had a pair of rhyming words on almost every page.  Do you remember any of the rhyming word pairs?  How many can you remember if you JUST look at the illustrations, and turn the sound (my voice) off…?   

As an example, the first and second page have the words “feet”, and “seat”.  The third and fourth page has “head”, and “red”.  Can you draw a few of the word pairs, or make up your own rhyming pairs?  Have someone take your photo with your drawing, Like the principal’s challenge!  Your family can upload your photo it in the comment section below.  This is a private blog, just for Montessori families.

Now, think back inside your head to see if you can remember any more.  Maybe look at the story again WITHOUT the sound on…   If you know how to write, you can WRITE a list of the rhyming words, and have someone take your photo with your list! 

I hope that you have fun with rhyming words.

See you again!

Ms. Hoshi



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