It’s Double P.E. / Movement Day! (5/5)

Happy Children’s Day!  You can find out all about Children’s Day on Ms. Mimi’s Storytime Post today.

Today is our double P.E./Movement Day since we had our online P.E./Movement Class. Did you enjoy working with Mr. Dale, Mr. Myk, Miss Yuri and the other teachers.  Keep up the good work!!


3 Year Olds (in Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Almoula’s group)

Let’s slow down a little bit first today, but listen and follow the directions to this song.  Shake and Move how they say!


4 Year Olds (in Miss Yuri and Ms. Hoshi’s group)

Hi everybody!
I hope you enjoyed going on a bear hunt again!

Today, I would like to share what I have been doing the past month.
I have been challenging myself to exercise everyday and putting a cross on the days I finished my daily exercise. As you can see, I have been exercising everyday and I feel very healthy and strong!


Since it’s almost exactly a month till our last day of school, I thought it’ll be a good challenge to try and exercise everyday with everyone!
It’s a 1 month exercise challenge! 


Here are some May calendars you could print out to keep track of the day you did your exercise!

For this week and next week, we will do the following exercise:

-Squat X5

-Frog Jump X5

-Run on the spot 10sec

-Star Jump X5

-Run on the spot 20sec.

If you feel you need a day you need to rest that’s fine as well.
Please make sure you do it at your own pace and if you would like to do other exercises that’s awesome too.
Enjoy exercising! 🙂



5 Year Olds ~ Pre-First Graders (in Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s group)

Hi Everyone! 


It was an awesome day of dances today. Here is your very own dance wheel you can move along to at home! It would be super duper fun to dance with many people and you can even choose your own favourite music!


Have fun dancing!


We hope you enjoyed your P.E./Movement class for today.  Continue eating well, washing your hands properly and EXERCISE!





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