Thursday April 23rd ~ Ms. Hoshi’s Story Time

Hello everyone.  Todays story is a bit of a long one… And a bit unbelievable! Harriet was living… “way up in the school roof”!  See-I told you, unbelievable!  Her teacher never noticed that Horrible Harriets’ new friend, “Mr. Chicken” (whom she had made in a pot!), was scaring everyone….

Click here to listen to HORRAY FOR HORRIBLE HARRIET

Would you like to be Harriets’ friend?  Why, or why not?  How does she get along with her classmates?

Here’s a challenge for you if you are five or six years old.  Can you try to watch the video WITHOUT sound, and retell the story to someone in your family?  You can tell them what was happening by looking at the illustrations and remembering the story that you listened to.

Everyone can try to draw your own picture of a chicken to hang on your refrigerator or in your room!  What color was Mr. Chicken? Was he the same size as a real chicken?

After you’ve tried once to draw by yourself, now for a second attempt, can you try to draw along with “Art for Kids Hub” and three year old Austin (his drawing is on the left)?  You can see that he’s done a pretty good drawing by listening to the instructions.  Try it, I’m sure that you can draw it also.  Does it look different than your first drawing?  Which of your drawings do you like the best?

Some people think that homemade chicken soup is nutritious, and helps you feel better if you have a cold or the flu.  I found this recipe that you could help your family cook together.  If you don’t like chicken, you can leave the chicken out and make it a hearty vegetable soup.

Toddler Approved Alphabet Chicken Soup




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