Thursday, April 23rd~Ms. Mimi’s Storytime

Hello boys and girls,

Did you know that Saint Maur International School is the oldest International school not only in Japan, but also in all of Asia? Founded in 1872 by the Sisters of the Holy Infant Jesus, our school is 148 years old.

Since you attend the Montessori School at Saint Maur, here is a book about Montessori Schools around the world, where the children are peacemakers.

Please click the title here.    Our Peaceful Classroom 

Written by Aline D. Wolf and illustrated by children from Montessori Schools around the world.


Questions to answer:

Did you notice familiar materials in the book that you see in your own classroom?  What did you see?

Tell your family what you like about your Montessori classroom.

What is your favorite work to take out from the shelves?

When you finish your work, do you put the materials back in their place for the next person to use?

How do you keep your classroom nice and beautiful?

Do your classmates help each other?


Song: Teaching Peace

Let’s learn this song together!

(Chorus) Teaching peace all the world around,

You and me, every city every town

One by one in our work and in our play…

We are teaching PEACE by what we do and what we say!


1. It’s up to us to show we care,

Reaching out to everybody everywhere!

Heart to heart and friend to friend…

Circling all around the world and back again!




2. So take my hand and come along…

It’s time to sing the world a brand new song!

So sing it loud and sing it clear…

All together now so everyone can hear!




Sound off! 1,2,3,4…


(repeat) 2. So take my hand and come along…





Suggested activities:  Choose one.

Would you like to draw a picture of your peaceful Montessori classroom and explain about it to your family?

Do you know where your classmates are from? If you know their flags, can you draw flags of your friends’ countries?

Make a poster of how we can be a peacemaker.


Be kind
Be helpful
Take care of nature and animals


More songs if you like.    A Song of PEACE for Kids

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