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Last days of school….

With the end of school today, this academic year it has seen our students learn and grow in their abilities and in how they relate and socialise with each other.

Working in the classroom each morning the children have been keen to practice and attain newly learnt skills. Here is a snapshot of our amazing students engaged in diverse activities leading up to our last day together.

Practical Life– pegboard

Language Arts– reading with a friend!

Language Arts– writing word lists

Mathematics– 100 board counting on the Montessori app

Cultural Area– observing and touching diverse shells

Manipulate work– refining fine-motor skills and creativity

Puzzle work– Springtime butterfly

Mathematics-Decimal system activity: Extension activity called, “The birds eye view.”

Language Arts– Sharing a story that the students collaborated on together with story writing and illustrating.

Language Arts– Sandpaper letter/sound association

Mathematics– Teens work: 11-19 counting

Art– Drawing a picture to share with her mum!

Mathematics– Decimal system activity learning units, tens, hundreds and thousands.

Language Arts– word puzzles

Cultural area– Japan puzzle map

Manipulative work-magnetic connectors



It’s been a year of learning, growing and experiencing activities with our classmates and teachers. All the best to our friends who are leaving us to new places or moving back to their home country. We will always cherish your friendship.

Enjoy your summer break!

-Ms. C & Mrs. A XX

It was a wonderful year together!

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