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Spring time nature walk to Minatono Mieruoka Park

On a beautiful Spring morning we took advantage of the weather and went on a nature walk together as a class.

In Yokohama we are fortunate to have so many parks at our doorstep. The City of Yokohama is celebrating this by promoting  the many stunning parks to locals, visitors and overseas tourists with a community event called, “Yokohama Garden Necklace.”



Walking in pairs with an older and younger child our destination was the Minatono Mieruoka Park. This park never disappoints and always give us opportunities to discover and learn the names of new flowers and plants and to above all appreciate the nature and beauty all around us.

Using our sense of touch to feel the plant called, “Lamb’s ears” we noticed that it felt very velvety.

We discovered “kinkan” a small citrus that can be plucked from the shrub and eaten or sometimes made into home-made jam. We decided that this fruit should be enjoyed by everyone and not plucked!

Enjoying the scenery together and taking in all the beauty around them.




Let’s have a rest together in the sunshine! And take in the water fountain.


Getting up close to appreciate the beauty of flowering bulbs, roses and pansies all around us!







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