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Hello boys and girls,

Since this is Advent, preparing for Christmas to come, let’s get ready by making a “family wreath”, and get everyone in your family involved.   You can make your family wreath to hang up in your living room for this holiday season.

A family handprint wreath: with the handprints of everyone in your family and, perhaps, your family pet(s)

You will need some green construction paper of different shades, if possible.  If you have some green paint, you can even paint the papers green, in different shades by adding a little bit of white. Or, you can color them green with crayons after you trace everyone’s hands.

Go ask your family to let you trace their hands.  If there are four people in your family, you’d have four pairs or eight handprints. After tracing them,  they can start cutting them out. If you want to, you can even do your pet’s paws!

Make a circle outline using all the handprints that are cut as in the photo.  To decorate the wreath, use red dots, sequins,  pom-poms, small pine cones, popcorn or anything you might have and stick them with glue onto the wreath.

This family project might take some time, so enjoy the time making your wreath together. You trace each other’s handprints, cutting them out and arranging the handprints to form a wreath.  You can put on the ornaments at the end. If you could take a family photo, you can trim it and put it on the wreath;  it will make your wreath extra special.  Don’t forget to write the year 2020.

 Threading decorations

Materials needed: a thick paper or a piece of cardboard to cut out a circle, and thread or yarn in Christmas colors.

Cut out a simple circle from some scrap cardboard by first tracing the lid of a jar or something circular.  Cut some notches around the sides as shown in the picture. Get some thin crochet thread or yarn in Christmas colors (red, green, gold, etc.).

Start threading the notches and you can move to notches on the opposite side of the circle, continue going round and round.  Your design could be done at random or in a pattern.  The results will make for a creative ornament.  Have fun!



Now, a little “dancing time” to the music of …    Jump for Joy, Jesus is born

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



























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