It’s P.E. / Movement Day! (6/2)

Here are our P.E. / Movement activities for today.  It’s sad that we don’t have our live class anymore, but you can still exercise with the activities below.  Are you ready?


3 Year Olds (in Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Almoula’s group)

Here is an old-time favorite.  Mommies and daddies can join you too!!



4 Year Olds (in Miss Yuri and Ms. Hoshi’s group)

This is the last week for our blog entries and just a few more days till you end your 30 days challenge! 

For those who have been trying to jog with me last week, the link to the video is now accessible to anyone with the URL so you should be able to see it without any problems! 

If you feel like jogging, you could just go to the park from here–

Explore and jog with Ms.Yuri


For today, I will introduce you to “Circus Yoga” which you could do after your daily exercise challenges!
You could check this poster to see how to do some circus themed yoga!

Circus Yoga

Enjoy and see you on Friday! 🙂



5 Year Olds ~ Pre-First Graders (in Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s group)

Hi Everyone!


One day, Mr Dale, Ms Yuri, and I went to the Lower Rec Hall to exercise and have a bit of fun. We were very very surprised with what we saw there!


What’s going on in the Lower Rec Hall?!


There were animals roaming around! We went about playing and exercising and the animals just stayed there with us. If you click on each of the items and animals in the Lower Rec Hall, you will be taken to different activities and songs that you can play along or dance or move to! 


It’s getting really warm now so do not forget to drink water when you do these activities. We even have our water bottles there to take a sip in between exercises. I know that these movements can really be a challenge but I’m sure you can all do them with lots and lots of energy!


Always be safe when doing these movements and dances, okay? I hope that you enjoy these videos and have fun moving!




Thanks for exercising today!!  The days are getting warmer.  Remember to have a drink of water in-between and after your exercises to stay safe and healthy.  Also, wash your hands, eat healthy and exercise every day!   See you on Friday for our last blog post P.E./Movement Class!!

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