Tuesday, May 12th ~ Ms. Sallie’s Story Time

Hello everybody, Do you have times you want to be silly and read a silly story?  I do!  Or do you have times when you feel like you want to say, “That’s good.” or “That’s bad.”  I surely do!  Today’s story is just that!!  It’s called That’s good!  That’s Bad!, written by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by David Catrow.

Have fun listening!!

That's Good! That's Bad!: Cuyler, Margery, Catrow, David ...        That’s Good! That’s Bad! – click here to view


Here are some questions for you to think about:

  • Have you ever been to a zoo?
  • Can you name the zoos you’ve been to?
  • Name 5 animals you might see at the zoo.  Can you draw pictures of them?
  • What animal do you like the most at the zoo?
  • Tell you mom something good that happened to you.
  • Tell your dad something bad that happened to you.
  • Can you make the bad better?


We can make good choices and bad choices.  Here is a coloring activity you can do to see what kind of choices you can make at school.

Making Good and Bad Choices


It’s fun to go to the zoo.  Unfortunately, we cannot visit the zoo at this moment, but you can pretend to be there with the following songs.


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