Thursday May 7th ~ Ms. Hoshi’s Storytime

Good morning, everyone.

Today’s book is a bit different; it’s not a story!  It is a book that can give you ideas to help you decide what you might want to do when you grow up! Before you listen to the book, can you talk with whomever is reading the blog with you about what YOU might want to become… Maybe you’ll find a new idea in the book…

This book shows us lots of activities and jobs that happen in various workplaces.  Some of the places they visit are a school, a construction site, and an airport.  Then they explain what grown-ups do when they work in those places.

Click here to listen to What Do Grown-ups Do All Day?

Did you find a new job that you are interested in?

Is there a job that you really would not want to do?  Why not?

Are you interested in any of the jobs that your parents, or grandparents have done?

Here is a video of jobs adults do… which one interest you?  What tools do you need to use?

For your activity today, can you draw someone who’s doing a job that you are interested in?

If you don’t enjoy drawing, maybe you’d like to have someone who’s a bit older help you write a list about the kind of work that you might like to do, and what you would need to learn to do that job…

At dinnertime, you can ask your family members what other jobs they’ve done, or what their “dream” job would be?

Keep reading, and stay well!

Ms. Hoshi



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