It’s P.E. / Movement Day Today! (#2)

This is Week 1 and Monday is P.E./Movement Day!  We hope you will enjoy the activities which were sent in by the teachers of the 3 age groups for you to do!!


3 Year Olds (in Ms. Barbara and Mrs. Almoula’s group)

The three-year olds work hard on following directions and refining their coordination.  Here is a simple song/dance you can do!


1) Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


2) Gummy Bear


4 Year Olds (in Miss Yuri and Ms. Hoshi’s group)

The children have been working on refining their coordination, movement manipulation, and balance. They will further develop their dance and gymnastics skills as well.


(1) Animal Walk:

The animal walk is a very simple exercise that the children enjoy. Also, this helps us see how their muscles strengths to support their weight while doing this exercise. During our lessons, we have covered, crab walk, bear walk, frog jumps, snake slither, duck walks, penguin walks, seal slide, etc.

Crab walk and seal slide require arm strength.

Please assist them if they are having difficulty holding their weight up.


(2) Calming Down Exercise:

The children could sit criss-cross apple sauce (crossed leg) and try to calm down their bodies through this breathing and stretching exercise.




5 Year Olds ~ Pre-First Graders (in Mr. Dale and Mr. Myk’s group)

Yoga is a great way to move your body independently, even in your own living room!  This is a link to the poses we practiced in January. All students have experimented with these and should be quite familiar with them.  Challenge your child to take you on a trip to the Arctic as we did in class with this interactive yoga adventure.


You can remind children to control their breath through their noses and to try to hold each pose for three slow breaths before changing to the other side.


Arctic Yoga Poses – Click here to view


Tomorrow, we will do some yoga with an adventurous story.



We hope you enjoyed your P.e./Movement class for today.  We’ll see you again tomorrow as it will be our second class for the week!!


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