Friday, March 6th, Ms. Hoshi’s Story Time

Ms. Hoshi’s Storytime

Hello, everyone! Today I will post one of my favorite stories, “Olivia saves the circus”. It was written AND illustrated by Ian Falconer (he’s very talented)! I know that the children in Ms. Mimi’s class can “read along” a bit with me. I wonder if the other classes know this book well, also? You may want to invite your brothers or sisters to watch with you…


It seems that Olivia enjoyed doing (or enjoyed making stories about) many activities. Can you list some of the adventures which she said she did?

Activities for you and your family.

When I was a child in Pittsburgh, we had a large flood, and everyone needed to stay indoors for a two weeks. My mother, Aunt, and I played games for the whole week! I loved it, and still enjoy “Game Night”. I hope that you and your family will open up the closet, and try some of these games together this week.

“Spoons”, good for four people, ages 3 (with assistance) and up. You’ll need a deck of cards, and one less spoon than the total number of players.

Family Card Games: How to Play Spoons

Other indoor, family games that you may not have taken out in a while:
Checkers, Jenga, Simon Says, or Hide and Seek.

Everybody enjoys seeing Ladybugs land on them, I think. Here is a Ladybug craft for all ages, with a bit of help needed for the younger ones.

Wherever you are, please remember to help your family, smile, laugh, and learn something new everyday!

Hope to see you soon!  Remember, you can leave us comments below the posts!

Ms. Hoshi

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