The story of Joshua

Our lower Elementary classes created their own illustrations to the story of Joshua and the battle of Jericho making up their own class story book. The Enduring Understanding throughout this unit of study was “God is with us wherever we go, whatever we face and no matter how big the battle, ready to give victory”.

Battles of the Bible: Joshua and Gideon

The challenge for the students was to see who could break down the block wall without touching it physically! Many chose to try and blow the wall down while others stomped around the outside. No one was successful in bringing down their block wall. This led into our unit on the two Israeli leaders who led their people to face their enemies. With the battle that Joshua fought the challenge they faced was how to breach the city’s walled defences. God had the answer they needed. The students then went on to create a battle strategy they thought would help their army breach the high walled city with the least amount of casualties.


Prayer Assembly Preparations

All the students worked in groups to decide what prayers they would write and then compile as a class in preparation for the Elementary School Prayer Assembly at the beginning of the year. They then recorded their class prayers in their Religious Studies Books along with any pictures they wished to include. As part of the assembly these prayers were displayed on the big screen and representatives from each class prayed their prayers.


Welcome to the 2016-17 school year.  How was your summer vacation? dbhafdfb I am sure you all have many fun stories to share!

This year we will be sharing on this blog some posts, showing our work and learning from our Religious Studies classes.  I look forward to working with each one of you and getting to know your families during this year.

This year, Saint Maur International School is 145 years old.  It will be another year of learning more about the Christian faith of the founding sisters of our school.  We will have opportunity to know and understand Christian values as we study the stories found in the Bible.

Your Religious Studies Teacher,

Mr Levy