Our Roadmap

cropped-DSC04749-Glass-Cross-1-1-py68pd.jpgWe have seven strands that we will be studying throughout the year. For each grade level the learning activities and assessments will be presented a little differently as it is important that our study is age appropriate. However, the enduring understandings are timeless!  They can be revisited at any stage in life. It will be exciting to be able to share our individual learning from these units, not only with classmates, but also with siblings and students from other grade levels. It is hoped that students will be inspired to look at the same story and learning through different viewpoints stimulating inquiry, creativity and action as we learn together.  

Area of Study 2016- 2017 Units of Study
1. Overview of the Bible

Students will come to know that the stories in the Bible reveal to us God’s character and plan for all peoples.

Battles in the Bible -Jericho/ Joshua,   Gideon

Enduring Understanding

God is with us wherever we go, whatever we face and no matter how big the battle, ready to give victory.

2. Celebrations Students will come to understand the meaning and origin of the celebrations contained throughout the Bible. The Festival of Harvest/First Fruits

Enduring Understanding

Everything we have depends on God’s goodness.  

3. Prayer

Students will come to understand that prayer aligns us with God’s purpose for our life.

The prayer that Jesus taught – Lord’s Prayer

Enduring Understanding

The Lord’s Prayer serves as a model of how we are to talk to God, encouraging us to confess reliance upon God for every aspect of life.

4. Life of Jesus

Students will come to an understanding that the Bible teaches us that Jesus is the incarnate Son of God who loves us and invites us to grow in relationship with him.

Unit (a)

Jesus and His Disciples – Peter walks on the water
Enduring Understanding

Jesus’ miracles showed His authority from God, His power over nature and that we can be people who grow in faith.

Unit (b)

Christmas-birth of a King


Christmas celebrates the birth of a King.

Unit (c)

Easter – Last Supper

Enduring Understanding

Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper as a remembrance to us of his sacrifice for all sins.

5. Christian Life

Students will understand that the Christian Life is worked out by following God’s intended design for living as shown through the Bible.

Zaccheaus – Despised by many, yet accepted by Jesus

Enduring Understanding

It is God’s intended design for living, that we should be free from prejudice.

6. Church Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the church as a special community described as

God’s family.

The Church Serves

Enduring Understanding

The Church responds to God’s love  through service to others.

7. Saint Maur’s Beginnings

Students will gain knowledge and understanding as to the beginnings of Saint Maur International School

Sisters of the Infant Jesus, Mere Mathilde

Enduring Understanding

Jesus calls us to celebrate life with him by serving others.