About Elementary School Physical Education at Saint Maur

Dear Saint Maur Parents and Students,

In Elementary School, each Grade Level attends 4 PE lessons a cycle. All students are required to have a PE uniform, which can be purchased at the school store. This includes, the Saint Maur shorts and the Saint Maur red T-Shirt. In the winter, the students can wear a grey or red Saint Maur sweatshirt over the top of the uniform, similar to the uniform regulations with the formal uniform. Students are encouraged to have a small PE kit bag, to carry all their necessary belongings for PE.

Students need to wear PE appropriate shoes, enclosing the whole foot, laces or velcro is a must as this offers support to the students whilst doing PE. Shoes that are slip on or look like sandals are not acceptable. Students should also bring a water bottle to all lessons. 

If you have any questions about PE in Elementary School, please feel free to contact me at any time: Evan Hitchman – ehitchman@stmaur.ac.jp

Evan Hitchman

Evan Hitchman 

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