Recorder Morse Code

4T and Grade 4 French School worked collaboratively in small groups to create their own words on recorder using Morse Code (long and short sounds). They had to use tonguing and be really clear with their playing while the other students listened carefully to what word they were spelling.

– Ms. Lee

Breath Olympics

Recorder Study has officially begun for the academic year. As an introduction, Grades 3 and 4 had a lot of fun competing in ‘Breath Olympics’ today to practise different breath strengths. This is a fun way to help students understand strong versus gentle breath before blowing into the recorder.

– Ms. Lee

2016 ES Spring Concert

Snapshots from the ES Spring Concert in May 2016. Both the matinee and evening shows were a great success (well done children!). Students performed well and best of all, many told me afterwards that they were proud of themselves for trying their best and had a lot of fun! Thank you to the music team and all ES staff for helping on the day, and to Mr Torii and Mr Haigh for the beautiful photos.

– Ms. Lee

Instrument Fitting

Over the last 2 weeks, Grade 4 students had their instrument fittings which involved them filling in a questionnaire and trying different instruments in preparation for Grade 5 band next year. Last Friday was the big day when instrument assignments were announced. There was a lot of excitement in the air (and some nerves) and students couldn’t wait to hear what they will be learning and playing next year.

Grade 5 students did a great job showing their younger peers their respective instruments, answering a lot of their questions, and teaching them things such as how to hold the instrument, how sound is produced, what they like about their instrument, fun facts, etc.

Well done everyone!

– Ms. Lee