1P – Sasha!

Sasha! Sasha! Ras, Dva, Tri!

Students in 1P had a lot of fun doing this folk dance from Russia. As well as learning the steps of the dance, students also learnt about how to move safely and how to dance nicely with a partner. It was also a great way of building their movement vocabulary.

Students were told that if they didn’t have a partner and couldn’t see who else in the room was alone, they could dance by themselves and find one next time they do that part of the dance again. The student on the right holding up signs was in charge of telling students how to move around the room in between the partner sections of the dance. For example, if he held up ‘walk’ and ‘backwards’, students had to carefully walk backwards around the room.

– Ms. Lee

1G – First time playing barred instruments

Not bad for their first time playing on barred percussion instruments! After learning the song ‘On a Log, Mr Frog’ through a movement activity, 1G worked hard to then learn the melody on metallophones and xylophones. It was wonderful seeing the students encourage and help each other during rehearsals and performances.

– Ms. Lee


Grade 1 French School have been learning about ‘Sol-Mi’ and beginner pitch notation. They’ve been having lots of fun working with manipulatives to create short melodies.

– Ms. Lee

2016 ES Spring Concert

Snapshots from the ES Spring Concert in May 2016. Both the matinee and evening shows were a great success (well done children!). Students performed well and best of all, many told me afterwards that they were proud of themselves for trying their best and had a lot of fun! Thank you to the music team and all ES staff for helping on the day, and to Mr Torii and Mr Haigh for the beautiful photos.

– Ms. Lee

Rhythm Practice

Today, Grade 1 started a new activity to develop their listening skills as well as practice counting and rhythm. They worked well together in teams to try to find the correct rhythm with rhythm cards

– Ms. Lee