Special Guest

Today, 1P had fun learning about the koto with special guest Mrs Ito who will be performing on this beautiful Japanese instrument with us in our ES Spring Concert next month. The students enjoyed singing with the koto accompaniment and hearing Mrs Ito play!

– Ms. Lee

Spring is…

Spring is…beautiful sakura season in Japan! In preparation for our ‘Spring and Growth’ theme ES Spring Concert, 1P have been learning a traditional Japanese folk song ‘Sakura’ and watched some dances by other people to the same piece of music. After practicing some movements as a class, I challenged 1P with creating their own dance in small groups (in just 15 minutes!) and I was very impressed with how well they focused and worked together to complete the task. What an excellent start! Well done 1P! Here are snippets of their ideas:

– Ms. Lee

Spring is Coming

Preparations for the ES Spring Concert is well and truly underway. Today, we wrote our own song in 1P based on our concert theme – ‘Spring and Growth’! One of our clever students, Dohui, started us off by sharing her wonderful ideas and then everyone collaborated by brainstorming lyrics and using beautiful singing voices. Feeling very proud of my students!

Here it is – “Spring is Coming” by Dohui and 1P!

Spring is coming
Spring is coming
Plants are growing
And flowers are blooming

You can see the cherry blossoms
Birds are chirping in the trees
Bees are buzzing, spreading pollen
Spring is coming!

– Ms. Lee

Echo Playing

After some great solo singing in 1P, students did an excellent job echo playing on Orff instruments.

– Ms. Lee