Our dynamic Elementary music program is taught by two specialist teachers in a dedicated music room in the Fine Arts Center. The core curriculum draws upon the Orff and Kodaly approaches that aim to educate the whole child through song, movement, rhythm, speech, dance and quality listening experiences. The French School section is integrated with the International School section for all music lessons.

Students use a wide variety of instruments from Grades 1-4 including Orff instruments, classroom percussion instruments and recorders. The program also exposes children to a variety of musical styles. Students are given the opportunity to specialize in a woodwind / brass / percussion instrument from Grade 5. Private instrumental tuition is offered in our after school Private Lesson program which utilizes the London TRINITY Guildhall curriculum. Piano and Violin lessons are also available to students in Grades 1-4. For more information regarding the Private Lesson program, please contact Mr. Jeffrey Griggs directly at jgriggs@stmaur.ac.jp.

Currently, the following Elementary Music programs are offered and taught by:

  • Ms. Lee – General Music (Gr. 1-4)
  • Ms. Lee – Elementary Choir (Gr. 3, Gr. 4, Gr. 5)
  • Mr. Griggs – Beginner Band (Gr. 5)