Guest Musician

On Monday and Tuesday, students and teachers were treated to a fun 2 days of workshops and singalongs with visiting musician Kathryn Claire. Thank you Mrs Harrington for organizing this wonderful experience for us all!

– Ms. Lee

The Chimes of Dunkirk

I am a huge fan of folk dance (actually, I just love movement and dance in general!) because it’s such a fun and effective way to engage students while helping them to understand steady beat, form/structure, sequences, musical cues, timing, anticipation, collaboration, spatial awareness, formations, culture, history…the list goes on!

Today, we learnt ‘The Chimes of Dunkirk’ dance in Grade 1. So much fun!

– Ms. Lee

Grade 3 Recorder

Grade 3 are making excellent progress in recorder study! This is my 4th year teaching recorder and so far, they’re definitely the group with the most enthusiasm for this instrument which is very exciting!

– Ms. Lee