1P – Sasha!

Sasha! Sasha! Ras, Dva, Tri!

Students in 1P had a lot of fun doing this folk dance from Russia. As well as learning the steps of the dance, students also learnt about how to move safely and how to dance nicely with a partner. It was also a great way of building their movement vocabulary.

Students were told that if they didn’t have a partner and couldn’t see who else in the room was alone, they could dance by themselves and find one next time they do that part of the dance again. The student on the right holding up signs was in charge of telling students how to move around the room in between the partner sections of the dance. For example, if he held up ‘walk’ and ‘backwards’, students had to carefully walk backwards around the room.

– Ms. Lee

3B – Charlie Wag

‘Charlie Wag’ by 3B. Through this song, students practised their ensemble skills and mallet control, and learnt about sections in songs. See if you can hear the 2 sections, A and B, presented in the following structure: AABA

– Ms. Lee

1G – First time playing barred instruments

Not bad for their first time playing on barred percussion instruments! After learning the song ‘On a Log, Mr Frog’ through a movement activity, 1G worked hard to then learn the melody on metallophones and xylophones. It was wonderful seeing the students encourage and help each other during rehearsals and performances.

– Ms. Lee

2N & Fr. 2 Rhythm Dictation

Gr. 2 have been developing their aural and rhythmic skills through rhythm dictation. This involves the teacher playing a rhythm multiple times with time in between for them to show what rhythm was played using rhythm cards. When they are ready to hear it again or have finished, students show the teacher by doing a signal of five fingers in the air and one finger on lips. This is the same signal used to indicate for silence or to gain their attention. Grade 1 also uses this signal.

– Ms. Lee