Summer Programs Around the World

Parents and students are encouraged to research summer opportunities, as there are many worthwhile programs which include travel, enrichment, sports, music and drama, and/or community service.

High school students may wish to enroll in a summer program with academic content, taught in some cases on university campuses, including courses that may carry college credit. Students who have finished Grades 10 or 11 will find it very valuable to visit college campuses, as they prepare to begin the university admission process.

There is a comprehensive list of summer programs available in the Counseling section of the Saint Maur website, with internet addresses for further information. In addition, pamphlets for summer programs are kept in several large boxes on the shelves outside the College Admissions Office (near the Mac Lab and the Library). Posters for academic summer programs are often posted on the bulletin boards in the Grade 10 and Grade 11 homerooms, from January onwards.

It is the responsibility of parents and students to find out the details of requirements for admission to summer programs, including application deadlines. Once each family has decided on the program(s) where they wish to apply, the next step (if academic documents, such as school grades or teacher recommendations, are required), is to ask Mrs Maki in the Reception Office for a Summer Program Request Form. Alternatively, click on the link on the right of screen for a PDF of this form. Please fill it out completely and accurately. If there is a deadline, please specify the precise date by which the documents must arrive. Do NOT write “As soon as possible.” Return it to Mrs Maki, with the fee (detailed below and on the back of the form) in exact change, as well as any recommendation forms or other documents which the school must fill out. Mrs Maki will then pass these materials to Mr Scoggins (for Grades 9-11) or to Mr Citrano (for Grades 6-8).

If an academic summer program requires school grades, official copies of the most recent report card (embossed with the school seal) will be sent. No transcripts are compiled for students until Grade 12. All summer programs will accept a report card in place of a transcript.

If an academic summer program requires a recommendation, parents and students should NOT approach any teacher directly. Instead, attach the recommendation form to the Request Form when you return it to Mrs Maki. Mr Scoggins or Mr Citrano will then contact teachers and ask them to complete the recommendation form. Teachers will then give it to Mr Scoggins or Mr Citrano, not to the student, to guarantee the confidentiality of the recommendation.

The Summer Program Request Form must be turned in to the Reception Office well in advance of the deadline of a summer program, to allow time for documents to be prepared and sent. For summer programs in Japan, or programs overseas to which documents may be sent electronically, parents must submit the form at least ten working days before the deadline. For summer programs outside Japan to which documents must be mailed, parents must submit the form at least fifteen working days before the deadline.

The fee for each Summer Program Request is ¥1000, to be paid in exact change. In addition, there are postage and handling fees as follows:

  • Within Japan: ¥500 per package
  • Within Asia: ¥900 per package
  • To North America: ¥1200 per package
  • To Europe: ¥1500 per package
  • Sent as a Fax: ¥100 per page within Japan/¥500 per page overseas
  • Sent as an e-mail attachment: No charge. However, the exact e-mail address and recipient’s name must be specified.

Fees may be paid in cash directly to the Reception Office. Alternatively, fees may be remitted to:

Bank of Yokohama, Honmoku Branch
Ordinary Account (futsū yokin) 1374028
Saint Maur International School

We are grateful to parents for following these procedures, to ensure that school records are sent smoothly and that all students may enjoy a rewarding summer experience!