College Admissions Testing

SAT tests are accepted (and in most cases required) at almost all universities where Saint Maur students apply.

Students generally take the SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests several times in Grades 11 and 12. The average number is three to four times for the Reasoning Test and once or twice for Subject Tests. Most 11th graders take the Reasoning Test at least once in autumn of Grade 11, and many also take Subject Tests. It is also possible for students to take SAT Reasoning and Subject tests in May or June of Grade 10.

SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests are held six times each year, on Saturdays in October, November, December, January, May, and June. Saint Maur is Test Center 67495 for all test dates except January and June. Students who wish to take tests on those days can register for places at Yokohama International School (YIS) or other international schools in Tōkyō.

The Reasoning Test has sections on Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing, and it lasts about four hours. The format is similar to the PSAT test, so students are already familiar with it. The earlier they begin taking SAT tests, the more experience they will gain, and the higher their ultimate scores will be, thus increasing the range of colleges where they can be accepted.

Subject Tests are required at most U.S. colleges and advantageous at many others. Most universities in the U.S. require scores from Subject Tests in three subjects. Each Subject Test lasts one hour, and students may take up to three tests on the same day. They cannot take SAT Reasoning Tests and Subject Tests on the same day, though. Generally Saint Maur students take Subject Tests once in Grade 11 and/or once in autumn of Grade 12.

All SAT registration is done online, using the website. Students all receive details in the hand-out: “Register Online for the SAT.” Students can set up a free On-Line Account (which they will use through Grade 12), where they can select and reserve the test, date, and location; get their Web Ticket with immediate confirmation of their reservation; and view their scores and send them to universities.

When students register, they should be sure to use their full, official, legal name as written on their passport. They should always use the same version and spelling of their name. They should include the Saint Maur school code, 680820, so that their scores will be sent to school. Students may register at any time during the year, as early as possible to ensure that they can get their first-choice location.

All 11th graders receive an intensive introduction to the SAT Essay requirement, part of the Writing section of the SAT Reasoning Test, as part of their English classes in late September (before the first SAT test date in early October). Mathematics classes also prepare students for the problems they will encounter on the Math section. Some students also take a Math class in which the curriculum focuses on the SAT Math section. However, there are no other special classes at Saint Maur designed specifically for SAT preparation, since most of the curricular time in Grades 11-12 is occupied by the IB Diploma program.

Instead, students and parents are recommended to investigate the opportunities for professional preparation classes, including those which offer one-on-one or small classes. Many families have found these classes worthwhile; however, Saint Maur does not endorse or guarantee either of these for-profit corporations.

There are also many SAT preparation courses available during the summer vacation, both in Japan and overseas. Often these are combined with other academic programs, travel, college visits, community service, and other opportunities, and are well worth investigating.