Advice for Students in Grade 12

All students in Grade 12 have a class (meeting three days each month from August through April) to help them navigate the college admission process. The Course Syllabus below provides details of the four curriculum units, each focusing on a specific stage of preparation for university admission and later life. There is also a timeline of events in the life of a senior.

Every week in the autumn, representative from colleges around the world will visit Saint Maur. Grade 12 students will go and ask specific questions, based on their prior research, to learn more about each college’s programs to help them decide whether it is appropriate for them or not. Students will also have the chance to go to college fairs in Tōkyō in the autumn of Grades 11 and 12, to talk with the representatives of many different universities from the U.S., Britain, Canada, and Australia. One college fair is hosted by Saint Maur each November, focusing on Japanese universities with international programs taught in English.

Below are descriptions of the five units of the Guidance course in Grade 12.

Unit 1: The College Application Process (August through October)
Students will finalize their list of colleges and universities by late September, and some will decide to submit early applications. They will learn about each step of the application process: the personal statement, recommendation letters, transcript, and standardized exams. They will make plans for SAT Reasoning and Subject tests.

Unit 2: Enhancing the Application Profile (November through December)
Students will learn about the college interview and develop their interview schedules, including a mock interview in class. They will decide which AP tests to take and construct their individual IB/AP exam schedule for May of Grade 12.

Unit 3: Career Planning and Related Skills (January through March)
After applications have been submitted, students will turn their attention to the occupations and careers that match their goals, strengths, and preferences. They will learn how to write an effective resume or curriculum vitae and a cover letter for a specific job, learning skills that they can apply immediately for summer jobs and internships. They will develop their interview skills with a mock job interview in class.

Unit 4: Preparing for Exams and for Entering College (April)
Students will review the study skills, preparation, and time management that they can use for their IB/AP exams in May. Each student will make decisions about where to go for higher education, once they learn their admission results. Waiting lists and deferred admission will be explained.

Unit 5: Senior Seminar (May)
After all of the IB/AP exams have ended, seniors will have an intensive Senior Seminar with topics directly relevant to living at college independently of their parents, on or off campus. These will include survival skills, health and emotional issues, money problems, and many more. Guest speakers from inside and outside the school will make this a meaningful and useful experience for every senior.