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Book Friends Forever

On Friday, we dressed up like the characters of the books we are publishing.

Let me introduce our book friends:

Ms. Sweeping Trudy who tends to sleep in, Catherine Rose who loves to listen to music, Margo who likes ham, Cane who likes to play chess, Alex Surnam who is a nerd, Lucy who likes to play games, Veses Polly who does his homework and plays games with Grayson, Renet who likes to have parties, Claudia who is artistic, Switching Feeling who can switch his feelings, Mia Catalina who loves to play zombie tag, Alex who loves to play capture the flag, Harry who is always cold, Bubble Scream who loves to play soccer, Ren who loves to rest at the beach, and finally Luis Rex who  loves to collect burning bird toys.


Structured Word Inquiry

We had a week of wonderful learning with Dr. Pete Bowers from the Word Works Literacy Center. See more information here.

Word Inquiry helps students  build strong vocabulary and teach strategies to identify and unpack how words are structured.

How many times have we asked our children to “sound it out!” I’M GUILTY! How many times have we told our children that English has a lot of irregular words which must simply be memorized. I’M GUILTY!

When we realize that ‘spelling represents meaning, not sound,’ we open up a whole new world of word families!

To find out all about the family tree of a word or part of a word please click ETYMOLOGY

To find whether your hypothesis can be supported by a list of other examples please click  Word Searcher

To make your own word please click Matrix MAKER


Celebrating A Great Week of Learning


Grade 4 students have been doing a lot of great learning: learning new classroom routines, learning about new teachers and each other. We wanted to celebrate their hard work by enjoying a calm and relaxing read in the fresh air of Motomachi park. Students are deep into their stories about realistic figures and imaginary heroes. We are taking on a study of what makes characters believable and exciting. No character should be too good to be true. They all have negative and positive traits, weaknesses and strengths. Next week, students will dive into planning their own characters for their own exciting stories. Please, ask your child what story ideas they have already come up with!