Fun Day

Fun Day was Art Day! We started the day by making grayscale watercolor designs that will be put together into a larger painting. Then we made our own person emblem that will be shown around the school.

Jonathan’s father, who is a graphic artist at Sony, came in to share with us how to sketch characters. We started with Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and then progressed to making our own characters. He was such a great teacher and helped us with many new techniques. The final characters have been properly photographed and will be put on a website for everyone to see and then framed for our bulletin board.

The final art of the day was to draw eyeballs and hide them in various places around the school. Have you seen any??

Watch the video of the character Mr. Teiler made.


Word Inquiry Start!!

Mrs. Kitani came into our classroom and shared her wonderful teaching skills to get us started with word inquiry. The students had a great time discussing ‘strange’ words and making hypotheses about base words, prefixes and suffixes. She taught us how to make word sums to help prove our hypotheses. We are excited to use these skills in our reading and writing.

Some word sums we did.



Random Art

The past two weeks we have talked about ‘random art. Can art be random and happen by chance? Or, must it follow rules and be well-planned? Following some ideas from Jean Arp, the students created these beautiful string art pieces.

Open Mind Set

During the week I took note of the kind of negative comments students made about themselves and their abilities. We talked about how to change those thoughts. Each student chose the negative thought they tell themselves the most and made a ‘positive thought’ card to keep on their desks.

Reading Goals

In August 5H discussed their reading habits and goals for the year. I challenged each student to choose the goal of reading 20, 30 or 40 books this year. Each student has a Book Tower reading log in their reader’s notebook to record the books they are reading. We also made the goal of reading 186 books collectively (the number of days in school) this year. So far we have read 40! Here is the book tower started in the classroom.

Paper Tower

As part of our inquiry and classroom community work we tried the Paper Tower activity on Thursday. We were given 2 pieces of newspaper and 30 cm of tape. The goal was to make the tallest paper tower that could stand alone for 30 seconds. It was much harder than we thought!

5H Classmates…How well do I know them?

Word Clouds

In 5H we learned about character traits and we chose 3 character traits for each person in the class. In the end everyone got the words that others said describes them, and made a World Cloud on ABCya with them! ~Bijoux~