Ski Trip 2018

What an amazing three days grade 5 and 6 had at the Naeba Prince Hotel Ski Resort!

The early start of 6:30 am made for a quiet bus ride. Many of us slept. Others played with their devices and others told stories the entire trip! We had two short bathroom breaks along the way and ate our lunch on the bus.

Once we drove through the Kan-Etsu Tunnel (the longest road tunnel in Japan: 11,055 meters) there was so much snow!!

At the hotel, we quickly put our bags in our rooms and changed into our ski wear. The hotel had put our rental wear in bags outside of our rooms. We then went down and found our helmets and boots with our names on them. Once we figured out how to fit our feet into our boots, tighten our helmets and tuck in our gloves we headed outside to find our skis/snowboards and instructors.

Our instructors were amazing! They were patient, funny, kind and excellent teachers. Over the 3 days, we all improved our skiing and snowboarding skills, even Mrs. Harrington! Many of us spent the first lesson falling most of the time and by the last day, we were zooming down the slopes.

After our first lesson, we had time to relax, shower and buy snacks or souvenirs. For dinner, Saint Maur had their own private dining room and buffet. Some us learned that it is easy to overeat at a buffet. After dinner, we hung out in the hallway by our rooms playing games, talking and relaxing.

Then the sledding began! It was amazing. We shared sleds on a very tall slope. Some of us discovered that rolling down the hill was just as fun. The epic snowball fight will always be remembered and the cute snowman. By 9:00 we were cold and tired so we went back inside. Bedtime was at 9:30 so we got enough sleep for the next day.

Thursday we ate breakfast at 8:00 and were on the slopes by 10:00. It was much easier and smoother getting ready in the morning. Only a few lost gloves and helmets! Some of us changed groups to be more challenged. We were on the slopes from 10-12 and then had Hayashi rice for lunch. By 1:00 we were back on the slopes for our afternoon lessons. Once again some students changed groups. The instructors made sure we were all challenged at our level.

Thursday night after dinner we had a lipsync contest. Most of us were terrified to perform in front of each other, but it was so fun to watch and everyone was very supportive. It was a great way to get to know the 6th graders and challenge ourselves to do something out of comfort zone. We had a shorter sledding session on Thursday night because the resort was grooming the slopes for Friday.






Friday morning we packed up most of our rooms before our 9:30 lesson. Several groups improved enough to take the gondola to the top of the mountain and/or try out the ski jumps! Mrs. Harrington was at the bottom watching us zoom done the hill for our final run. She was amazed by the perseverance and improvement of all the grade 5 students.  Photos and Videos will be emailed to all parents and students.

Next year will be SO fun!!

Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year to all grade 5H Parents and Students. Hope everyone’s holiday was fantastic. Our classroom will be very busy this winter. I will try to keep you updated here on the blog.

Unit 5 Math: Measuring Polygons. There are many new words and concepts in this unit. Have a look at the videos for help. Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Growing Rectangles, Perimeter or Area, Same Perimeter-Different Area, Same Area-Different Perimeter

Ski Trip: Many new muscles will be used on the ski trip. We are working on core strengthening. Give these exercises a try.

Poetry: The next few months will be all about poetry. Please share any great poems you may know. Here are a few good poetry websites. Poetry for Kids, Giggle Poetry, Fizzy Funny Fuzzy

Maker’s Space: 5H will begin 8 lessons with Mr. Levy on January 18. More information to come.


Christmas Concert

An amazing job by all of grade 5. Well done!!

Have a look at the video.

Yokohama History Field Trip

For unit 2 of writer’s workshop, Through the Lens of History, grade 5 took a field trip to learn more about the history of Yokohama. We toured through Nihonnomaru, The Yokohama Port Museum and walked back to school through Yamashita Park learning more about Yokohama on the way.

We also had 3 guest speakers talk to us about life in Yokohama during the war, life in 1960’s Yokohama as a foreigner and changes in Yokohama port.

Students have chosen one history topic related to Yokohama/Japan for their history research report.


Long Awaited Updates

5H has been terribly busy this past month and there is much to update.

Mrs. Harrington was gone for two weeks and during that time Mr. Haigh was the grade 5 teacher. The students thrived under his teaching, learning many new games, methods and concepts. Fond memories are Fizz Buzz, 33.33%, The Like List and the party on Friday.

There are two weeks of school left before winter break. The students will be working hard on their Yokohama History research reports, finishing up the fraction unit and looking forward to the holidays.