Yokohama History

Our next Reader’s Workshop Unit is “Tackling the Complexity of Nonfiction.” Our next Writer’s Workshop Unit is “The Lens of History.” We will combine them both for an inquiry unit of the history of Yokohama. We will be using many different resources to gather information and here are a few to start.

Yokohama Websites:

About Yokohama

History of Yokohama Port

History of the Red Brick Warehouse


Old Photos of Yokohama

History of Yokohama North Dock




Word Inquiry Start!!

Mrs. Kitani came into our classroom and shared her wonderful teaching skills to get us started with word inquiry. The students had a great time discussing ‘strange’ words and making hypotheses about base words, prefixes and suffixes. She taught us how to make word sums to help prove our hypotheses. We are excited to use these skills in our reading and writing.

Some word sums we did.



Paper Tower

As part of our inquiry and classroom community work we tried the Paper Tower activity on Thursday. We were given 2 pieces of newspaper and 30 cm of tape. The goal was to make the tallest paper tower that could stand alone for 30 seconds. It was much harder than we thought!

Can You Save Fred?

Poor, poor Fred. He was having a wonderful day sailing his beautiful boat when suddenly his boat capsized! The boat turned upside down with his life preserver underneath and Fred was hanging on for his life. The students had to rescue Fred and help him into his preserver using only 4 paperclips. They were not allowed to touch Fred, the boat or the life preserver with their hands. Much discussion, strategies, failed attempts and tons of laughter helped rescue Fred.