International Day

Thank you to all the parents who shared with grade 5 during International Day. It was a very busy, yet fun day.

We were able to learn about Guy Fawkes Day, The Sights and Art of Paris, make gazpacho soup and try traditional Ukranian painting called Petrikivka.

Lunch was delicious and amazing!

After lunch, we learned about the history of Saint Maur and made a poster with our thoughts on what makes Saint Maur special. Then we danced off the day long day!!




Open Mind Set

During the week I took note of the kind of negative comments students made about themselves and their abilities. We talked about how to change those thoughts. Each student chose the negative thought they tell themselves the most and made a ‘positive thought’ card to keep on their desks.

Paper Tower

As part of our inquiry and classroom community work we tried the Paper Tower activity on Thursday. We were given 2 pieces of newspaper and 30 cm of tape. The goal was to make the tallest paper tower that could stand alone for 30 seconds. It was much harder than we thought!

5H Classmates…How well do I know them?

Word Clouds

In 5H we learned about character traits and we chose 3 character traits for each person in the class. In the end everyone got the words that others said describes them, and made a World Cloud on ABCya with them! ~Bijoux~



We have already celebrated two birthdays since school has begun. Happy Birthday Aron and Bianca!

Help Wanted!

Last week 5H discussed what kind of classroom jobs were needed to help keep our classroom running smoothly and clean. We talked about how you get jobs in the “real world.” Some ideas were; “You take a test.” “You do what you like.” “You ask for the job.” There was more discussion about how some jobs require specific skills or training, how you needed to apply for a job and have an interview. On Friday the students read through the 5H Help Wanted Classified Ads. They all chose two jobs to apply for. The application included reasons they though they were the right person for the job including what skills they had, their strengths and weaknesses.

After much consideration, interviews and job expectation discussion we now have 13 new employed students in 5H.

Welcome to 5H!

We had a fantastic first week of school. Much time was spent getting to know each other and we will continue to build classroom community throughout the year.

This is my first experience at writing a blog so, please be patient as I learn to navigate the software.

Here are some fun photo booth photos we took on the first day.