Christmas Concert

An amazing job by all of grade 5. Well done!!

Have a look at the video.

Yokohama History Field Trip

For unit 2 of writer’s workshop, Through the Lens of History, grade 5 took a field trip to learn more about the history of Yokohama. We toured through Nihonnomaru, The Yokohama Port Museum and walked back to school through Yamashita Park learning more about Yokohama on the way.

We also had 3 guest speakers talk to us about life in Yokohama during the war, life in 1960’s Yokohama as a foreigner and changes in Yokohama port.

Students have chosen one history topic related to Yokohama/Japan for their history research report.


Unit 4 Math: What’s That Portion? Fractions, Decimals and Percents

Students are studying the relationship among fractions and between fractions and percents. They will use this knowledge to find equivalent fractions, order fractions, add and subtract commonly used fractions. They use a variety of contexts and models, including arrays, number lines, and clock rotation, to further understand the meaning of fractions and model their strategies.

Here are some games and videos to help with this topic.

Khan Academy: a great resource for all math areas. Fractions, Fractions, Decimals & Percents


In Between (ordering fractions)

Roll Around the Clock (adding fractions)

Fraction Track 1 (equivalent fractions)

Fraction Track to 2 (equivalent fractions over 1)



Long Awaited Updates

5H has been terribly busy this past month and there is much to update.

Mrs. Harrington was gone for two weeks and during that time Mr. Haigh was the grade 5 teacher. The students thrived under his teaching, learning many new games, methods and concepts. Fond memories are Fizz Buzz, 33.33%, The Like List and the party on Friday.

There are two weeks of school left before winter break. The students will be working hard on their Yokohama History research reports, finishing up the fraction unit and looking forward to the holidays.