Yokohama History

Our next Reader’s Workshop Unit is “Tackling the Complexity of Nonfiction.” Our next Writer’s Workshop Unit is “The Lens of History.” We will combine them both for an inquiry unit of the history of Yokohama. We will be using many different resources to gather information and here are a few to start.

Yokohama Websites:

About Yokohama

History of Yokohama Port

History of the Red Brick Warehouse


Old Photos of Yokohama

History of Yokohama North Dock




3 thoughts on “Yokohama History

  1. By the way, if you watch the first video (the one under, “old photos of Yokohama”), you can go to the settings and change the quality to 1080p HD. That makes it clearer.

  2. We should put more things on this blog related to writing. Maybe even a link to those Powtoon Book Trailers we made! So then parents can also watch them (Along with others who want to watch them again).
    Also, if Reader’s, Writer’s, and Inquiry are related to Yokohama, will we be doing any math related to Yokohama? That would be fun. 🙂

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