Fun Day

Fun Day was Art Day! We started the day by making grayscale watercolor designs that will be put together into a larger painting. Then we made our own person emblem that will be shown around the school.

Jonathan’s father, who is a graphic artist at Sony, came in to share with us how to sketch characters. We started with Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington and then progressed to making our own characters. He was such a great teacher and helped us with many new techniques. The final characters have been properly photographed and will be put on a website for everyone to see and then framed for our bulletin board.

The final art of the day was to draw eyeballs and hide them in various places around the school. Have you seen any??

Watch the video of the character Mr. Teiler made.


3 thoughts on “Fun Day

  1. I saw many eyes all over the school… There were some on the floor and on the RIP sign in the hallway. People said there were some on the bathroom, but I didn’t see any. Does anyone know any cool places there are eyes? 🙂

  2. What website will the pictures we drew be on? The school website or this blog?
    -Bijoux 🙂
    I hope everyone enjoyed Art Fun Day!

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