Weekend Homework: September 28-30

Yay! A new math topic!! We are taking a break from multiplication and division and learning about volume. Which of these containers has more juice? How do you know?

Math Homework: Read through and try the 5 Volume lessons.  Comment on this blog post when you are finished.

Also, don’t forget your Communication Book Homework.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Homework: September 28-30

  1. I think all of these containers have the same mien of juice but the containers are not the same shape.
    ( When I looked at the video I understand what is the volume.)

  2. I agree with you Felicie, I think that most likely they have the same amount of juice, because if one has juice filled to the top, BUT it is a really thin glass, it still isn’t holding a lot of juice. It is the same amount if the glass looks empty (not much juice) BUT it is really, really, wide, it will have the same amount as the full BUT thing glass of juice. The things in the videos were easy to understand, and we did it in 4th grade, so it was easy and fun! 🙂

  3. Watching this video made me understand more about finding the volume. I like how they tell me the different ways to find the volume.

  4. I think all 3 glass of juice contain mostly the same amount of juice though it may be a little different. I also think that maybe one of the glass of juice have different amount of juice in it because the very left one seems big to the side but is has a little amount and the middle one is so thin and at last the right one is thin and big to the side.

  5. I agree with nick because,volume is the space in side right? so the 3rd vase is more fatter with more water, even if it is smaller then that thin vase.Also,when I watch the videos,it help me understand more about Volume.

  6. Now I understand how to find the volums by changing the way.
    I understand cleary by wacthing video than lisning or reading.
    Sometimes I paused the video and try to answer the question in video by my self.

  7. I think the second video from the top was kind of complicated because they said one way of breaking apart and they said the second way in a different way but they did it faster and they also showed us a page at last where there were equations and stuff so I think that was kind of complicated.

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