Paper Tower

As part of our inquiry and classroom community work we tried the Paper Tower activity on Thursday. We were given 2 pieces of newspaper and 30 cm of tape. The goal was to make the tallest paper tower that could stand alone for 30 seconds. It was much harder than we thought!

5H Classmates…How well do I know them?

Word Clouds

In 5H we learned about character traits and we chose 3 character traits for each person in the class. In the end everyone got the words that others said describes them, and made a World Cloud on ABCya with them! ~Bijoux~


Books, books and more books!

Grade 5 LOVES to read! It has been wonderful to see how most students really love books. We have had 20-40 minutes of independent reading each day. Our goal has been to increase our reading stamina by keeping track of minutes or pages read.


We have already celebrated two birthdays since school has begun. Happy Birthday Aron and Bianca!

Help Wanted!

Last week 5H discussed what kind of classroom jobs were needed to help keep our classroom running smoothly and clean. We talked about how you get jobs in the “real world.” Some ideas were; “You take a test.” “You do what you like.” “You ask for the job.” There was more discussion about how some jobs require specific skills or training, how you needed to apply for a job and have an interview. On Friday the students read through the 5H Help Wanted Classified Ads. They all chose two jobs to apply for. The application included reasons they though they were the right person for the job including what skills they had, their strengths and weaknesses.

After much consideration, interviews and job expectation discussion we now have 13 new employed students in 5H.

Can You Save Fred?

Poor, poor Fred. He was having a wonderful day sailing his beautiful boat when suddenly his boat capsized! The boat turned upside down with his life preserver underneath and Fred was hanging on for his life. The students had to rescue Fred and help him into his preserver using only 4 paperclips. They were not allowed to touch Fred, the boat or the life preserver with their hands. Much discussion, strategies, failed attempts and tons of laughter helped rescue Fred.