Suns out, kids out

What a beautiful sunny and windy day after the typhoon. Today we had a picnic lunch at Harbour View Hill Park. In the afternoon we had the pre-Unit 3 test. Some of us chose to sit outside to enjoy the gift from nature, soak in the sunshine and autumn breeze.

Unit 2: Yokohama History Resources

Here is a list of resources about Yokohama history:

  1. Websites:

    The Great Japan Earthquake of 1923
    The powerful quake and ensuing tsunami that struck Yokohama and Tokyo traumatized a nation and unleashed historic consequences

    The history of Yokohama Chinatown

    Overview of Yokohama

    2. Videos
    The old postcard collage

The history of Yokohama North Dock

History of Yokohama (Japanese only)

The landscape of Yokohama in 1964

History of Hotel New Grand

International Day

It was a day full of fun activities. It also happened to be Diwali and Saint Maur Day. Students dressed up in different country’s costumes.
I’m particularly thankful to the parents who brought in yummy food and helped out in potluck lunch. Without their help we wouldn’t have had such great experience. We also had a few parents presenting something from their country.

Art #2: Spontaneity

This cycle’s art is about spontaneity. Jean Arp (1886-1966), was a German-French artist who started the Dada movement. He once tore some papers, let them fall freely on a canvas, and called it art (and it sold!). Here are some of his works:

We dripped some yarns into glue water and draped them freely on art paper. After drying we let the random yarn lines tells us what shapes and what stories there were and we filled the white space with colours.

Unit 1: Post-it Snowball fight

Yesterday students had a Post-it snowball fight to wrap up Unit 1. They wrote what they thought was important for Unit 1 on a Post-it, crumble it up, and throw it at each other like it’s a snowball. When the teacher said STOP, children picked up a “snowball” and read aloud what they saw on the sticky note. One way to keep them awake and excited about learning. 🙂

Prefix and Suffix Games

See here for a list of games about prefix and suffix you can play online:



Flash player needed:

  1. (you need earphone for this)
  5. (this is a 2-player game)

Have fun. 🙂