Provocation: Venn diagram of you and me

Yesterday third grade began a new IPC unit. But before Ms Banyard and I revealed to the grade on what unit it will be, we had an activity that compare ourselves with a partner. We wrote what we found out on a Venn diagram.

Some of the questions that we asked to help them compare include:

Do you have a middle name?

Where were you born?

Do you sleep on a bed or a futon?

At the end of the class, Ms Banyard and I asked them what did they think the unit is about, we were very excited to hear some of the very “hot” answers such as:

  • culture and nations
  • we are different, but similar

These are “hot” answers because he title of the unit is: Different People, Similar Lives.

Recycling in 3W

In IPC, we have been looking at our last essential question: “How do my actions affect the habitats and homes around me?”

I was thinking about my own actions. Then I realised I have been doing something good for the environment: I have been recycling milk cartons. These are the milk cartons I’ve collected. I washed them and keep them in the classroom. Whenever I see a chance of using them, I’ll take them out of the storage space.


I cut the milk cartons into suitable size for different purposes such as:

a pencil holder


to hold the book recommendation slips


to hold the slips we use for improving our writing


for lost and found


and, lastly, for our amazing fun spelling blocks.


Do you recycle things at home also? What do you do to give those things a second life?