Pottery Workshop

Today we were very fortunate to have a special pottery workshop taught by Kumagai Sensei. Kumagai Sensei is an experienced potter in Yokohama.

He taught us how to make a cup with a handle and decoration. Last week he had been busy preparing all the clay plates (each of us had 2 plates, so that was a lot!) for us.

We will receive the finished work in early June just before we have our summer holiday. We look forward to seeing our work!

Japanese Culture Day

Last Friday was Japanese Culture Day. We were thankful to have the parents coming in to teach us how to make geta, the Japanese slippers and onigirirazu, the Japanese rice ball sandwich. It was fun handiwork and I’m glad that we got to eat what we made. Thanks so much for a great day of learning Japanese culture!

Photo credits: the Hirai family

Winn-Dixie Book Talk

After we finished listening to Because of Winn-Dixie, we thought deeply about the characters, their character traits, and their desire in the story. We wrote our thoughts on our Reader’s Notebook and then recorded a book talk. After thinking deeply about it, it makes it easier for us to understand why the characters do certain things in the story.