RW – Animal Research Club

Grayson shows us his Reader’s Notebook. He has got quite some wondering and hypothesis about some extinct sharks such as the helicoprion and megalodon. I really like how he uses drawings to help him visualise and come up with a good guess.


Top job Grayson!

Comparing Characters

Following the completion of Because of Winn-Dixie, we continue with comparing characters from different stories.

We learned that in order for that to happen, we have to find characters that can “Go Together”. For example, Super Rabbit and Horrible Harriet can “Go Together” because they share some similarities. It is tricky if we compare characters that don’t “Go Together” such as Winn-Dixie and Horrible Harriet.

First, we re-read our notes about the character traits of Super Rabbit and Horrible Harriet.


Then, we put their character traits on a Venn diagram to compare.

After that we set out to compare the characters that we’ve been reading about on our own. As we do our own Venn diagram, we also re-read the books to make sure we have enough evidence to support our ideas.

Because of Winn-Dixie

We finished listening to the book Because of Winn-Dixie, the ending was quite surprising. We are looking at what lesson does Opal learn in the story.

Some parts of the ending were quite thought-provoking/ meaningful and we re-read those parts again.


Nonfiction Book Talk

In this book talk, children talked about what they have learned from a book, including content, and expert words. They also talked about what they already knew about the topic before reading this book and their wondering.  They mentioned what was the next book they wanted to read in their journey of knowledge pursuit.

Non-fiction Booktalk

These days we are preparing for a non-fiction book talk.

Here are some sentence starters we can use.


When we finish, we’ll write our name and date on the board.


We don’t just write about the book. In Reader’s Workshop, we can also read quietly, write about the booktalk, or practice the booktalk.

img_0573 img_0574

Text Feature Treasure Hunt

On Monday morning 3W had a fun morning of hunting text features all around the classroom. We had to match the name to the purpose and example of the text feature. Then we had to find 5 other classmates who agree with us.

Now everyone has a better idea about what different text features do and we are now learning how to use them in our informational writing.

img_0556 img_0551 img_0553 img_0554 img_0555

Summarising the story

These days in Reader’s Workshop we have been getting ourselves ready for the final Booktalk of Unit 1. Part of the Booktalk requires us to summarise the book. Today we learned the things we need to do when summarising the book such as naming the main characters, identifying the story elements and writing the summary using sequence words such as “at the beginning” and “finally”.


Max and Yurika did a great job by using sticky notes to mark down the parts that correspond to the different elements of the story.

img_0485 img_0486