Math Unit 4 – Fractions, Decimals and Percentage Games and Resources




Equivalent fractions and decimals

Finding decimals equivalent to fractions

Decimals to thousandths

Place values of decimals up to thousandths)


What is a fraction?

Naming Fractions

Comparing and ordering fractions

Fraction equivalencies

Fractions and decimals



Fraction track

Fraction track 2

In between 

Roll around the clock

Addition compare with fractions

Decimal double compare

Unit 1: Post-it Snowball fight

Yesterday students had a Post-it snowball fight to wrap up Unit 1. They wrote what they thought was important for Unit 1 on a Post-it, crumble it up, and throw it at each other like it’s a snowball. When the teacher said STOP, children picked up a “snowball” and read aloud what they saw on the sticky note. One way to keep them awake and excited about learning. 🙂

Unit 1 Math Riddle

Answer question #9 and #10 without using long division or multiplication in column form.

You can use any equations on the board.

(Hint: you may use the number line to do some addition and subtraction.)