Christmas Concert – Visualisation to Boost Performance

1 December was the Elementary Christmas Concert. Fifth grade had a band performance, a series of poem reading and joined the last choir performance. The children, despite already have had some performance experience, inevitably felt nervous before the performance. Just before the performance I practiced visualisation with the students. I asked them to close their eyes, and I narrated the scenes as if they were on stage performing. (You’re walking on the stage, it’s so bright you can feel the heat of the stage lights. You stand on the stage, trying to find your mum. You’re nervous but you know you can keep your cool…)

“And you finish the performance, the crowd loves it. They clap and cheer. You have a big smile on your face. You return to the classroom, satisfied. Now open your eyes.”

The moment they opened their eyes at the end of this visualisation journey, a lot of them were visibly calmer and more at ease, that really helped them perform better.

I first learned this technique as a professional performer and later learned that professional athletes also practice this to boost performance.

Perhaps you can try it too next time you try something challenging! 🙂

Suns out, kids out

What a beautiful sunny and windy day after the typhoon. Today we had a picnic lunch at Harbour View Hill Park. In the afternoon we had the pre-Unit 3 test. Some of us chose to sit outside to enjoy the gift from nature, soak in the sunshine and autumn breeze.

International Day

It was a day full of fun activities. It also happened to be Diwali and Saint Maur Day. Students dressed up in different country’s costumes.
I’m particularly thankful to the parents who brought in yummy food and helped out in potluck lunch. Without their help we wouldn’t have had such great experience. We also had a few parents presenting something from their country.

Moral Citizen Assembly Presentation – A Learning Journey

Today 5W presented two stories in the assembly. The students spent a week to prepare for it. Each day they were given a period in school to work together, and they were supposed to practice their parts at home. They learned about being responsible to the group by doing their parts. Some felt like it was a successful experience while others felt like there was room for improvement. Either way, it was a precious learning experience for them. I’m proud of how some of them remember the long dialogues and the stage directions. I’m also impressed by how some of them take on the challenge and responsibility wholeheartedly.