Eggsperiment Preparation

Excuse the pun. These days 5W are pretty busy with our egg drop experiment. One group proposed whether they could use a drone… well, that’s a very technologically-advanced and creative idea, but unfortunately got turned down. Groups are still busy building prototypes, having test runs, and using the very limited resources that they earned using their homework credits (the basis of our class economy). The real test comes tomorrow when the students will drop the egg from a higher place which is about 2-storey high. Stay tuned.

Food Inquiry: Digestion / Online Learning

Hi all,

Check out the following websites that teach you all about the human digestive system.
Ducksters – Human Digestive System 
Kids Health – Your Digestive System 

An online tutorial about the digestive system:

After reading through the material, try this quiz to see how much you know.

Perhaps as you eat, you’ll now think more about where the food goes down the digestive system. 🙂

TED Videos about Food and Our Body

How the Food You Eat Affects Your Gut
Lesson here:

What does Your Pancreas Do?
Lesson here:

How does the Liver Work?
Lesson here: