Writing Poems? Not so difficult after all

As the school year resumes we jumped right into the Poetry Unit. At this stage we are reading poems, observing their structure and pattern and collecting ideas. One of the activities I did with the students today was to collect one -ing word from them and I already had a pretty well-structured poem:

Jianyi is leaping.

Shaddha is exaggerating.

Jon is coming.

Uma is shining.

Sara is dancing.

Cy is aggravating.

Damia is questioning.

Tiger is listening.

Paulina is painting.

Haruka is starting.

Matthew is icing.

Inigo is flying.

Zoe is cunning.


Of course this is not the end of it. As a poet, I’ll probably have to polish it a bit more before publishing. Nevertheless, it’s a good start for my work.

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